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How to leave Karlshamn?

The Midsummer weekend has some effects on public transport. The very Midsummer Day (Sat 22/06) is a holiday, with traffic basically as on Sundays. On the day before (“Midsommarafton”, Fri 21/06) when the celebrations take place (a typical Swedish habit!), there will be traffic offered basically as on Saturdays.

By train/air via Copenhagen

Trains are expected to run as follows:

First service Last service
Dept. Khn Arr. CPH Dept. Khn Arr. CPH
Until 20/06 05:36 07:58 22:36 00:55(+1)
Fri 21/06 (Midsommarafton) 06:36 08:58 22:36 00:55(+1)
Sat 22/06 and Sun 23/06 08:36 10:58 22:36 00:55(+1)

In case you have an early flight for which the morning time train connection does not work out, there are a couple of hotel options at or close to CPH (along the train line connecting Karlshamn to the airport). They are sorted according to distance from CPH Terminal 3 (train station CPH Airport Kastrup; Terminal 2: +5 min walk).

  1. Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport: Connects to Terminal 3, [Link]   (Most convenient).
  2. Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport: 5 min walking distance from Terminal 3), [Link]. Same chain as Clarion, usually lower-priced.
  3. Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers: At 5 min walking distance from the station “Ørestad” along the line Karlshamn-Copenhagen, between CPH and the city center (2 stations / 5 min from the airport), [Link]. Similar standard as 1.

A significantly cheaper option might be to stay at a hotel in Malmö, ½h before CPH, on the same train line. Trains run between Malmö and CPH 24/7. The following three hotels are at a 5-min walking distance from the main station Malmö C:

  1. Elite Hotel Malmö, [Link].
  2. Comfort Hotel Malmö, [Link].
  3. First Hotel Jörgen Kock, [Link].

By air via Stockholm

The table below provides an overview of departure times from the local airport Ronneby/Karlskrona (RNB) over the midsummer weekend (flight times < 1¼ h):

Airline SAS ( Bra (
Destination from RNB Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) Stockholm Bromma (BMA)
Thu 19/06 15:30 06:45; 10:25; 17:30
Fri 20/06 (Midsommarafton) N/A N/A
Sat 21/06 (Midsommar) N/A N/A
Sun 22/06 N/A 13:35